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Escafeld Shetland Sheepdogs

Groomed Bearded Collie
Groomed Bearded Collie

MINI MAKEOVER (Shampoo & Groom)

Initial Groom out, Shampoo, Conditioner (as required), Full Body Massage, Flea or Herbal Rinse (your choice), Full Blow Dry (no Cage Drying), Final Groom, Face/Feet and Tail (trim & re-shape head, tidy the feet, and under-tail tidyup),  Nails clipped, Ears cleanedHAIR ON THE BODY - NOT CUT.
All dogs leave with a free treat, and either a bow on their collar (girls) or a bandanna (boys).
Coat Strip-Outs and/or Knots/Matting incurs an extra charge.
Choice of COLOGNES available (We do not spray dogs with cologne due to the high incidence of Asthma/Allergies etc.)

CLASSIC MAKEOVER (Clip/Scissoring)

Includes "Shampoo & Groom" as above with:-
Short All-Off Summer Clip OR
'Breed' Clip OR
Scissoring OR
'Creative' Clipping
Schnauzer in a Short All Over Clip
Schnauzer in a Short All Over Clip


Painted in a choice of colours (Available as a extra with "MINI MAKEOVER" or "CLASSIC MAKEOVER"

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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